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Health and Wellness Coaching

Personal training includes individualized plans and goal setting with a focus on the entire person. We will meet for the first time to discuss short term goals, long term goals, and create a roadmap to get you where you want to be.  It’s important that you know I will meet you where you are today; not where I think you should be.  Be prepared to dig in to what roadblocks may have held you back in the past and together we’ll forge a new pathway to success.

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Small Group Training

Small Group Training combines the individualized instruction of Personal Training with the community vibe of Group Fitness Classes. This option is often more affordable and is perfect for friends or those with similar health and fitness goals.

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Group Fitness Classes

Classes highlighting Boot Camp, HIIT, Kickboxing, Tabata, Strength and Flexibility.  Each class is unique and designed with your needs in mind.  These workouts will provide maximum calorie burn during and after class is over.  Classes are energetic and supportive.  You will have access to a private FB group which will allow interaction between others in the class for support, encouragement and tips.  

Classes:  Tue and Thur.  9:30am and 6pm and Sunday 8am.


Health and Wellness Coaching:


$30 per ½ hour

15 minutes additional wellness coaching is included for a total of 45 min. for $30.


Small Group Training and Wellness Coaching:


$45 per ½ hour

2-4  people max in a group

15 minutes additional wellness coaching is included for a total of 45 min. for $45


Group Fitness Classes


$80 per month:  No contract or membership fees

Individual feedback and goal setting 

Group support on private FB page