Beyond Biceps…..Update.

Summer is in full swing and I am way overdue for a blog post and Beyond Biceps update.  The last I checked in was right before the opening of the studio space in Highland.  I enjoyed teaching in that space, but realistically it was not quite big enough for us to really move around with ease.  So, after 6 months, I’ve decided to move classes back to the Meeting Room where we began last year.

BB Crew

I really went back and forth beating myself up about making the studio decision in the first place.  I knew it was pricey, but I also believed that I could make it work out.  What I didn’t anticipate was the busy lives of the clients and the spotty monthly attendance.  That is completely on me and I have learned some things from that experience.  One of the biggest take aways; take that risk and don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes.  That can apply to any aspect of our lives; work to health.

So you may be wondering; what’s up next for Beyond Biceps?  As I mentioned earlier, I will be moving classes back to the Meeting Room next to the pool at River Hill.  The times will be the same:  Tue/Thur 6:15-7 and Sat. 8am.  As always, these classes will be geared to all fitness levels.  We focus on form, fun, and getting that heart rate up in a supportive environment.  We change up the workouts so each class is different.  Our classes range from boxing, boot camp, HIIT, strength and flexibility, and straight up cardio.  Each exercise has a modification for higher or lower intensity; so you are choosing the workout that works best for your body.  I’ll always challenge you; however, that doesn’t look the same for everyone (and it shouldn’t).  We are not competitive in nature, but a little healthy competition with ourselves is always a good thing.  Come try out a class for free to see if you might like to join this fun group!  Classes begin Sept. 5th.

In addition to classes, I’ll be offering a program called Hot Detox.  This is based on the book by Julie Daniluk.  The main focus will be geared toward overall gut health by using healing foods with warming spices to help battle autoimmune issues as well as stubborn weight to lose.  Fall and Spring are the ideal times for this sort of program and Beyond Biceps will be offering this to anyone interested.  More information will follow soon.

Lastly, keeping fit in the summer just got a little easier.  Each Tuesday I will post a workout for you on my Facebook Page; Beyond Biceps.  The workout will include brief video instruction on how to do the exercises and a workout you can do with little to no equipment.  Be sure to check in and let me know what you think.  The workouts will be called:  Take Charge Tuesday.  As in YOU, taking charge of YOUR own health!  You’ve got this.  Change happens one step at a time….keep moving forward.

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  1. Mary T.
    July 20, 2017

    Thanks, Kim! I love the meeting space and you always mix up the workouts so we look forward to a fun and beneficial program – you never allow it to be stuffy or boring!

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