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Hi!  Thank you for visiting Beyond Biceps.  My name is Kim Farrell and I’ve been in the fitness and health industry for the last 8 years.  I’ve spent several of those years teaching group fitness to elementary and middle school students in an after school setting. I enjoyed working with kids; I was an elementary teacher in my former life and think kids are natural risk takers and open to new ideas.  However, I knew it was time for me to take a hard look at my overall wellness and make the changes that I knew would make me a healthier person and a better coach.

I joined a boot camp and learned how to optimize my health through nutrition and fitness.  I lost 48 pounds and found a new passion in teaching boot camp classes and helping others just like myself.

I am a certified personal trainer (NASM), a certified group fitness instructor (ACE) and have my nutrition certification (Precision Nutrition).  I’ve learned so much on this journey to better health and would be honored to help you on your own path to optimal wellness.

 Kickboxing is my favorite!
My family and I enjoy the 5K experience~this is the Shamrock 5K in Baltimore.

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